Welcome to Red Nose Lights, Sonoma’s favorite holiday decoration specialists!

The holiday season is just around the corner and we would love to decorate your home or business in a way that will showcase the holiday spirit! We do anything and everything, from as high as your palm trees or chimneys, to as low as your lawn.

Sure, you could dangerously climb the roof yourself and waste your time untangling old Christmas lights, but here are a few reasons why you should consider using the services of Red Nose Lights:

  • We have been professionally trained in various techniques of hanging lights in the most beautiful of ways.
  • We will hang your own lights, or, if you buy our lights from us, we will guarantee them for the following three years of hanging with us.
  • The lights you buy from us are not only guaranteed for three years, they are also completely customized to fit your home.
  • Our estimates include the installation of lights, their removal and packaging after Christmas, and ANY service calls we make in between. We want you to call us even for a single bulb that is out and we will be happy to come and replace it!
  • We are insured, so any (highly unlikely) damage to your house will be covered.
  • Most importantly, We love being on roofs and hangings lights and making homes glow beautifully during the cold December lights. We believe that any work done with love is good work that is worth doing!